PlaytoEarn Halloween Honey Jar - Gamedefi + SPS and Rising Star



OK, Let's spill the Hive news and fortunes!🍯🎆🎇🎇🎇

"Creepy" Happy News!

Splinterlands has the Chaos Legion coming! I feel like "the winter" is coming ;) The excitement is here!


Rising Star has a new seasonal mission 2021 for Halloween!
Check this out and let's see if you can avoid Scary Mary's bite, and win the "No Face Bass" or the "Drop Dead Drums".


All these changes and improvements in our Hive system make me think:

How can we tokenize Halloween?

I'm thinking of Gamedefi, playtoearn where you can create virtual worlds, NFTs that work in this system, metaverses that animate and engage people into a new kind of reality, and extrinsic motivation!

Here are 2 minimalistic and simple ideas of Halloween blockchain games I'd love to play!

  1. An energetic Trick-or-Treat game.
    A metaverse with clubs, neighbors, friends, relatives that can be brought from centralized networks. Surely the neighbors will not be too happy if you show up at their door dressed as a vampire and ask them for candy, but your friends can not refuse you. Same with the invitations to this game. You can send them to everyone and play with anyone who wants to enter this virtual space. It's a great opportunity to "visit" those you haven't talked to in a long time, to re-read a playful connection. The guest can serve free food and drinks to everybody and you can be the guest in this game. This can be your personal "horror" party organized by you.
  1. A Hide-and-Seek game in a haunted place
    How long has it been since you stopped playing hide and seek? It may sound a little outdated, a childhood game, but I don't think you forgot how your heart beat harder because you didn't want to be found in your hiding place. This feeling is perfect for the celebration of Halloween. Rediscover the pleasure of being a child and gather your playgroup. Invite anyone or just join "strange places" on this metaverse where you don't know the players. The metaverse can have actual or mythical or historic locations, or even place itself in Freddie Kruger's Nightmare on Elm Street. For more adrenaline, choose a place with a historical load. For example, the Citadel was not always just an observation point, but also served as a prison or place of execution.


I'm sure those would be intriguing and exciting to play. They can even be mixed on a single platform in a single metaverse and game.

Here's a freaky memory and a tokenization proposal
The movie Identity and the poem Antigonish by William Hughes Mearns got stuck into my brains during the movie...and after:

Now, what if we can use some horror/thriller movie as a support to create the basics for a blockchain game? Some movies really stayed with us. I still have some Stephen King characters in my mind from the movies that they have produced based on his books. I am sure you have your own characters that maybe still frighten you. Let's have blockchain games created on that and use that BATTLE token for this ;)

My 2 cents: I'm not for violence or bloody things but any kind of game with a little fear in it just makes my adrenaline high and I feel more alive and happy.

Thank you for reading, Hivers!

Zpek/Mike from work


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