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In this article we will be talking about how the withdrawals of the profits available in our investment system Trust Investing are made.

This article will serve two purposes, one of them is to respond to a great concern that we all have when we are deciding whether to invest in this type of system, which is the question of whether it really lets you withdraw the investment gains. Then it will also serve as a tutorial or guide to perform this operation for members who are already in this situation.

What money can be withdrawn?

When the purchase of a plan is made, that money is delivered and within 48 hours it begins to generate profits. The money invested cannot be withdrawn, it is important to clarify this detail. Only earnings received can be withdrawn.

The system has two internal wallets “Available” and “Withheld”.


In the "Withheld" wallet all the payments of the daily earnings are accumulated depending on the amount invested in each plan (because you can have several) and the percentage of earnings for that day. The money in the “Withheld” wallet cannot be used in any way, it is only informative. At the end of one month from the day of purchase of the plan (it is independent for each plan purchased) all earnings belonging to said plan are released and placed in the “Available” wallet.

The money located in the “Available” wallet can always be used by the member in the way they deem convenient. You can withdraw it, buy more plans, store it, or transfer it to another member.

The earnings from the compensation plan (referal plan) go directly to the “Available” wallet. These can be 10% of the purchase of a new plan from a referral of yours (members that you have invited) or 5% if the plan is renewed. And also the earnings for Binary Bonus also go directly to "Available". The compensation plan is explained in more detail in another article.

Clarifications on withdrawals

It is important to make several clarifications on the subject of withdrawals in the Trust Investing system.

  • Withdrawals are made only to the BTC (Bitcoin) wallet previously configured in the system. (How to do this will be shown in another article).

  • Withdrawals are not automatic, but manual, therefore, they can take up to 48 hours to make the payment to the wallet. One more proof that the money is not available, but is being used to generate profits.

  • Retreats should not be requested on weekends because they may take longer in this case. It is better to avoid this.

  • When withdrawing a commission of 5% of the amount to withdraw is paid.

Fast facts on earnings


Note that summaries of investments and earnings are displayed on the main interface of the system. My initial investment in this account was $100 dollars and later in the same month I buy a $30 plan with earnings from referal plan. Note in "TRADING earnings evolution" that my earnings in those two plans can get to $260 and "Earnigs evolution by network"(earnings from referal plan) can get to 300. That will give 20% of each plan each month until I reach 200% of profits from each plan separately. And up to 300% of the higher plan earnings per compensation plan.

In the 7 months that I have been in the system, I have already earned $178.43 for daily investment earnings, and $124.75 per compensation plan for a total of $303.18.

In my opinion it's not bad at all.

We will make an example of withdrawal

(Note, this part of the article is old the images are also old, that is way the interface of the system and values are not the same)


As you had already seen in the main interface of the system, I had $11.91 available, with this amount I can do whatever I want, but to demonstrate the withdrawal we are going to take it to an external Bitcoin wallet.

The wallet that I am using and that I have configured in the system for withdrawals is Enjin Wallet, but it can be whatever you prefer as long as it is Bitcoin.

Retirar saldo.jpg

Retirar saldo1.jpg

You must go in the menu to the option Wallets / Withdraw balance and in it you can define the amount you want to withdraw, it is accepted and that's it. It's not very hard. My withdrawal request was $10 dollars, this is subtracted the commission of 5% and the result will be $9.50 in bitcoin.

Retirar saldo4.jpg

Now I have only $1.91 in "Available".

The withdrawal request can be seen registered in the menu option Commissions / Refunds. Note the date and time of the withdrawal request.

Retirar saldo2.jpg

Retirar saldo3.jpg

Of course, now you have to wait for the system to actually release that payment, this process can take hours or more than a day, up to 48 hours.

So far it has been the first step of the withdrawal, the next step is when it is received in a few hours. At that time I will update this article to show the payment confirmation.

Reception of withdrawal

This is the second part of the withdrawal process. As mentioned above, Trust Investing has a period of up to 48 hours to deposit the withdrawal made in the member's wallet. If you remember I had requested the withdrawal of $10, of which $0.5 was paid as a 5% commission to the system. In my wallet I received the equivalent of $ 9.50 in Bitcoin.

You can clearly see that before the wallet was empty, then the payment was received and the details of it.


You can also look up the Hash of the transaction to verify that it is real. For example this image is from

As you can see there was no problem with the withdrawal of the profits, it only takes a little while because as I said before the money is really being used to make it grow. They have to reorganize the resources to make the payment, that's all. But in a maximum period of 48 hours it arrives without problems, at least there have never been problems that I and the community to which I belong know.

Any questions in the meantime you can ask in the comments and perhaps I have to add some more information to the article if you deem appropriate, just tell me.

This is just one in a series of articles about the Trust Investing investment system. If you are interested, I invite you to also read the rest of them from my user.

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