Why it is good idea to invest in New Cub Kingdom (fixed investment)

Hello lovely people of Hive community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, Cub has faced many twist and turn during it less than 2 years journey. Now, Cub has introduced new autofarm (kingdom) to it user. Presently Cub is the only choice available in new Kingdom.

One of the attraction of investing in new Cub kingdom is it mechanism. It provides an option to invest in fixed and flexible investment. You can select any duration from 1 week to 52 weeks. Increasing in duration enhance your reward earning.

Now, come to the question. Why it is good time to invest in new kingdom. First reason of investment in Cub is the worth of Cub. Cub is currently trading around $0.022. Cub is almost more than 99% down from its all time high worth. Selling coin at this stage is a foolish idea specially for those who purchased coin at higher price. Remember Cub achieved all time high worth of $4.73. Just imagine how you will feel if the cub even touches $1 worth.

Another reason of investment in new Cub kingdom is its attractive APR. Currently investment in Cub kingdom is offering 32.97%. Massive APR considering the dip in crypto market.


I staked more than 10,000 Cub yesterday and in less than 24 hours, I have managed to collect 8.624 Cub. Worth of Cub for one day is around $.18 but it will rise with bullish run on market.

Unlike old Cub kingdom which only offers auto-compounding feature. New Cub comes with separate reward beside auto-compounding. Such type of reward give you opportunity to cash out your coin at higher rate without withdrawing your initial investment.

The way leofinance team is working hard to introduce new features, multichain bridge which increased the burning of Cub coins, one can assume that Cub has great future. If the burning rate increase with same pace, it will make Cub deflationary token which eventually help Cub to gain more worth. Best time of accumulating more Cub and fixed staking may help you to collect more Cub. What is your opinion my friends?

This is it for my today post. Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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