What is your prefer way of Trading?

Trading provide you opportunity to earn big. Unfortunately It is not a one way traffic. Beside big earning it also impact a big loss. This reveals trading is not a fun. It is a track where there is a big jump and risk. The greater the jump the greater is the risk.

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If you have investment and you don't want to take big risk. Trading is definitely not for you. You have to make your heart stronger for trading. I started trading a couple of days ago. In my first campaign I earned almost 5 HIVe and 0.4 HIVE in second campaign.

Two major options available on exchanges. Trading by Bitcoin or by USD. I think trading in USD is simpler and it is easy to understand and estimate the profit when you trade in USD. It is bit tricky to do trading on BTC, due to fluctuation of BTC price. I tried both time BTC for trading. By the way what is your prefer way of trading? I would love to read your view. This is it for my today post.

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