Taking calculated risk on your equity is essential for your growth

Hello lovely people of Hive and Leofinance community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, there was a time when precious metal was considered the best option for accumulating wealth. Introduction of money replaced the option. Now, the money deflation has again open door for precious metal investment and other investment.


It is a fact that risk is associated with every investment. But you have to take risk in order to grow your wealth. Unfortunately we live in an era when money is depreciating it worth exponentially. In my part of the world my local currency has been depreciated more than 60% of its worth in last 17 months. So, keep your asset in the form of money is not a wise move at all. It will only depreciate your asset.

The best option available is to invest your money in multiple projects. Advantages of multiple investment is that it reduce your investment risk and if one project fail to perform other bear it loss. Investment at new project open new ways of earning opportunity and who'll not willing to earn extra income.

I am not in favor of blindly taking risk with your investment. It is a fact that earning money is difficult. So, you have to be careful while investing your money in any project. Before investing money you must be aware of the consequences. Invest only those money which you can afford to loose.

You can reduce the blind risk by doing your own research before jump in to any project. Suppose, if you want to invest in crypto project you must know about the use case of the product which you want to investment. You must know about the tokenomics of project. Reading white paper may help you. Understanding technical analysis will also make your decision making easier. Beside this you must have information about the market dynamics and recent news. All things can be achieved if you improve your knowledge and skill.

Your knowledge and skill not only boost your confidence and guide you right path of investment. In simple words, it reduce the blind risk and transformed it in to calculated risk. What is your opinion my friends? What is the best option blind risk or calculated risk??

This is it for my today post. Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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