Staking or Trading!

It is difficult to earn first 1,000 USD. It is much easier to double the amount if you have skill and chance taker. The trick behind this is simple as money makes money.


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If you check this in real life, money at your wallet is useless. It will remain safe or even become lower due to inflation if you don't investment them in business or any activity which give you profit.

Although, crypto market is little bit different from fiat as it offer reward on skating. Are you happy with staking curation reward. The staking reward is good in these days due to low price but still the reward is not as great as you can get from investing your crypto on trading.

Investing is bit risky but the reward is high. It is a universal truth, the higher the risk the greater is the reward. In my opinion it is better to invest in trading instead of staking. What is your opinion my friends?

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