Cubdefi introduces new Cub Kingdom

Hello lovely people of Hive community. Hopefully you will be enjoying your life with good health and spirit. Friends, Cubdefi has introduced new Cub kingdom in Cubdefi platform.

Investment in new Cub Kingdom offers flexible investment and fixed investment. Both have couple of benefits. Fixed investment suits for people who love to hold asset for longer time. Fixed investment will give you almost double APR from Flexible investment. Fixed staking also offer no fees and no unstake fees. The only cons about fixed investment is that it will lock your asset for selected period of time.

Flexible investment give you option to withdraw your assets any time. Flexible investment charges 2% performance fee. Now the question arise which of the investment is better.

In my opinion fixed investment is better than flexible investment. Just check out the Cub worth. Cub is currently trading around $0.022. There was a time when Cub achieved all time high worth of $4.73. Price of Cub is almost more than 99% down from its all time high worth. So, selling at current time is not a good option. It is time to grab this opportunity and collext maximum Cub. One of the easiest way of collecting more Cub is to invest Cub in new Cub kingdom fixed investment. It will help to grow your asset. Who will not like to grow his Cub at double rate? What is your opinion my friends?
This is it for my today post. Wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous life ahead. Have a nice time.

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