How to get notification when someone published a new post on hive

There are many content creators posting their content on hive on daily basis,Among them some are your most favorite writers or content creators

Now you want to get notification every time your most favorite writer published a new post on hive blockchain,I am not sure about other hive Frontend or dapps because different users used different front ends and dapps, but I know how to do it on @ecency


If you are using @ecency all you need is AD your Favourite Content creator to favorites and you will get notification every time he published a post on hive, You will get push notification even your mobile screen is locked and off

Now question is a how to ad a user into favorites, it's very simple click on any user name or profile picture then click on the heart icon showing at upper right corner of the user profile as you can see it in following screen shot

Another way to do it is open an account of any user on @ecency the click on three dots showing next to follow or unfollow tab then click on ad to favorites as you can see it in following sacreenshot

Remember you can remove any content creator or user from favorites any time by using same options which you used to ad it into favorites, I think this is very useful new feature of @ecency because when you use it their is no need to visit your favorite users profile in order to check if there is any new post

I also know so can get all new posts from all users you are following under friends Tab but it's hard to find a specific post from specific user especially if you are following hundreds of users

That's why I sharing it with you, you will get notification within few seconds after the post published and after clicking on notification post will be opened its so easy as compared to any other solution, I hope it will help others

Thanks for reading

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