That day we interviewed John McAfee on Anonymous Bites Back


It was October 31 in 2019, around Halloween, and it was probably one of the last interviews John McAfee gave in public. We managed to get him on our Anonymous Bites Back show by talking to his wife Janice. She was excited about it and we set a date together. Both his wife and John were very friendly and open to us from the start. When we did the actual podcast they were all dressed up and getting ready for their Halloween party. Our team was kind of impressed with how he was able to stay out of the hands of the evil empire that is the United States, and still go to a Halloween party. He said he was literally living in a Faraday cage in eastern Europe.

And I know, in hindsight we should have asked both of them a lot more questions than we actually did. We all realize that, because now that he is no longer with us, there are so many things left unanswered. Regardless of what you think of him as a person, he was an icon in the cryptocurrency world. He openly defied the powers that be and that was exactly what the cryptocurrency community was attempting. Because it is big finance essentially being in control behind the scenes. And that was what he was dealing with. He allegedly evaded tax liability by having his income paid into bank accounts and cryptocurrency exchange accounts in the names of nominees. As a result, it is alleged, he failed to file any tax returns from 2014 to 2018. He was also accused of concealing assets, including a yacht and real estate property, in the names of others.

But these were financial crimes, and in my humble opinion these weren’t crimes to be ashamed of either at this point in time, considering what we know United States tax money is being used for. With the homeless roaming the streets, United States bombs continue to drop on innocent people around the world. That is why he was on the run, and that is why he was pushing so hard to create alternative online financial systems. And with success, because the cryptocurrency community embraced him. So we wanted him on the show, as decentralization of (financial) power is something that interests many on our Anonymous Bites Back panel.

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