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Hello everyone !

Today I want to tell you about something a friend showed to me.


Presearch is a web browser like google or duckduckgo. The only thing different is that each time you search something, you earn PRE token.

This is why I love this browser. The only fact that you earn without changing anything in you life is awesome.

To start, obviously the amount you earn is pretty small. Each search gives you 0.25 PRE. 1PRE is arround $0.02. that means that you need to do 200 searches to reach $1. That can seem a lot but this can be very quick.

You can't earn more than 8PRE per day, that represent 32 searches so you would probably don't reach that amount everyday.

The browser offers many features that makes it very unique.

In the top right corner you can see your PRE Balance and just under the Searchbar you can see different websites. If you click on one of the logos, like google for exemple, when you'll click on enter and start the search, it will search in google.

Remember that you earn PRE only when you use Dsearch, but you can use Dsearch and google at the same time :


When you made your search on Dsearch, if you didn't find what you were looking for, you can click on google at this moment and that will search on google.

You saw that there is a also a Netflix or CoinGecko button. This works the same. If you are looking for the HIVE value, you can do this :

After that you just need to click on the CoinGecko logo :

After making that I just discovered the new feature of Dsearch, il you type the name of any cryptocurrency, Dsearch will automatically give you some data about it :

There is even more websites that you can ad for the Searchbar, like facebook, youtube, netflix, amazon, twitter, Reddit and Dtube for exemple.

The browser offers something more than that.

You can use your PRE token to buy ads. Ads that are shower like those on Google, when you search something, the first results are sponsored.


Here I searched Brave and the first result is the someone's referral link.

Unlike all different navigators, here you don't pay anything. You just stake some PREtoken to show you ads on some keywords for the time you want you as to be on. At any moment you can remove your ad and get back all your tokens.

There is an algorithm to show everybody's ads based on the amount of PRE they staked.

The minimum amount needed to stack your PRE tokens is the same than the one needed to withdraw it, 1000 PRE, Wich represents around $20-25.

Allying Presearch with Brave Browser makes browsing the internet very profitable. You make everything like you usually do but you earn money at the same time.

With thole two websites you can easily get up to $10-15 per month. If you use my referral link you'll earn 25 FREE PRE.

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