Saturday Saver's Club Challenge Week 18

Achievements of the week:

  • This week I managed to save 14 HP in line with the weekly goal of 13.5 HP
  • The market is falling sharply something that benefits me at this stage of accumulation.
  • I'm still above my annual goal, improving week by week.
  • The Leoball prize fund continues to grow and has allowed the jackpot to be increased to 550 Leo + 20 HBD.
  • I continue to invest in Layer 2 Tokens that will allow me to accelerate more in the second half of the year.

Saving with a goal is one of the best ways to achieve it. So this year I'm going to participate in the "Saturdays Saver Challenge" organized by @eddie-earner and @shanibeer

I am not going to use a specific table but rather my own posts on the subject to add more or less each week.

I am also going to keep track of the prize fund of my Leoball draw to see how the prizes can be increased but without a very defined objective, although I would like to reach a jackpot of 10,000 Leo by the end of the year.

My challenge is easy, to get to 1000 HP when this year ends, I started at 300 HP more or less.

I would have to get 13.5 HP a week.


As you can see I'm at 576 and I should be at 556,5

I'm 19,5 HP above forecast and I haven't used HBD or layer 2 tokens. I'm doing better than expected and I hope that in the second half of the year I can improve my goals.

Here is my progress in the Leoball Prize Fund


Well I hope I have not bored you, if you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to do so.

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