Ethereum Technical & Sentimental Analysis 07-26-21

Ethereum opens at $2.1K. It hits lowest at $2.1K and highest at $2.3K and stable around $2.2K. The average transaction fee is $3.86 which is 2.03% decrease from 07-25-21. Fear and Greed level is at 34.

Here are some highlights to support my analysis:

As today, Ethereum Value = $1.7k ~ $2.5k and my position is Long.
Today’s sentimental news and comments:

Bullish News 📈

Ethereum 2.0 continuous integration and into the final phase of letting smart chains run on proof of stake systems. Ethereum migration enters into the final stage, as much as you may hate it, Ethereum will create an elite class of its own kind. Totally opposed to so called "decentralized" as people perceive wealth redistribution or fair world concepts.

Bearish News 📉

Binance Smart Chain is trying so hard but it is too centralized and it is a copycat of Ethereum. Their strategy is copying Ethereum until the end of the day. It may never work out.

Central banks around the global accelerated adoption are not cryptocurrencies but CBDCs as regulators fear of cryptocurrency threats about their control power of fiat currency and economy.

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