What happened to the daily SPT delegation rewards from @monster-curator? (2023.01.01)

Currently I delegate 30 600 SPT to @monster-curator. I started this SPT delegation a year (12 months) ago, and I am regularly updating (increasing) it since then. I used to receive daily SPT delegation rewards, but I have not received any rewards in the previous few days. The last time I received a delegation reward was on 2022.12.28. I received 22.79267 SPT on that day. I have not received any SPT delegation reward since then so far.

Am I alone with this?

Probably this is the result of some kind of technical problem, or I do not know what. Maybe a bug.

Of course if there will be no delegation rewards, then I will undelegate the 30 600 SPT, and I will start to do manual curation on Splinterlands related contents with my staked SPT.

I see on the hiveblocks that there are outgoing SPT delegation reward transfers to other SPT delegators, so this is why I think that this is just/only some kind of technical problem. Maybe some kind of bug. I currently do not know.

Actually the Hive Engine is currently not showing any SPT transaction in my account since 2022.12.28. So maybe this bug is related to the Hive Engine. But I indeed have not received any SPT since then. My current SPT balance is 0.

I currently do not know whether this is a bug or not, and if it is, then I am not sure whether this bug is related to the Hive Engine or not. Looks like other tokens are working properly, so if this is a bug related to the Hive Engine, then probably it affects only the SPT.

I currently really do not know. So I am currently really only assuming/guessing what would be the case about this. Like a loud thinking.

Thank you for any information about this.

Happy New Year.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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