Morning walk for a good cause, before I go to work (2022.05.06)

Yesterday (on 2022.05.05) @torem-di-torem posted that she would like to buy a wheellchair for a dog in Ukraine, named Arey. The owners of the dog lost their jobs because of the war. She decided to help them. She already ordered the wheelchair for the dog, which costs about $200 USD. She made an advance payment of 30%. Now within 10 days she need to find the rest of the amount.

I decided to help this good cause, so I set @torem-di-torem as a beneficiary (50%) for this post. Hopefully the setting is stored. If not, then I will manually transfer the half of the liquid rewards of this post to her account.

I would like to encourage everyone to support this good cause with what they can.

The morning sky at 05:49 CEST in the garden of my current rent in the village.

The previous few days were rainy, and many snails are appeared in the village, where I currently live. I met one of the snails at the bus stop of the village. Shortly after this, the bus to Tószeg, Hungary arrived, and I went to Szolnok with it.

The Ady Endre street in Szolnok, Hungary. Ady Endre was a poet. Nowadays one of the most famous poets in my country (in Hungary).

A roundabout. The old water tower on the left side is on the Eötvös square, but I have not walked there this time. I walked straight. That way leads to the Thököly street.

A few yellow flowers around the roundabout.


On the Thököly street. Interspar and KFC to the left, McDonald's to the right.

Tires on the ground.

Benches at the McDonald's.

Shortly after this, the bus to work arrived, and I went to work.

Thank you for coming with me on this walk.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

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