Crazy news today : Shib reacts again with a drastic jump | 10x profit

Early this morning I was surprised by an Airdrop notification on the Binance market, that the Shib was up by at 0.000055 dollars. What I thought had happened there, 10x was achieved in comparison to the price of 0.000005 dollars. Such a crazy achievement, I didn't expect it to happen like this.

As I said earlier the supply of Shib (Shiba Inu) is in the category of a lot of 1,000,000,000,000,000 Shib, and the price is currently rising at $0.00054. Wouldn't this be great news for the coin holders? Do any of you hold it?

If I look at the chart below, it shows the shib will continue to rise to the desired point, most likely there will be no further decline in this coin, but vice versa.


Unfortunately there are traders who are not committed to holding Shib coins, they are in a hurry to sell them. In fact at this point if they continue to hold on, they will earn even greater profits in the months ahead.

What makes the price chaotic is those who want to sell in large quantities, so that buyers or boosters are unable to pump the coins back.


Estimated dollars also soared, if I had previously said the figure of $40,000,000,000, and at that time the volume was high there. But on this exact day on October 27th the volume soared to $53,000,000,000 and that's a huge number, absolutely insane.


Market Cap :$21,430,350,421 (30.21%)
Fully Diluted Market Cap :$53,564,265,452 (30.21%)
Volume 24h :$14,623,999,592 (117.26%)
Volume / Market Cap :0.6683
Circulating Supply 394,796,000,000,000 SHIB
Max Supply :--
Total Supply :1,000,000,000,000,000

This coin has a large level of investors in it, even people of great influence are also in it, no wonder traders flock there to make profits on a fast time scale. The circulating supply is now almost 40% of the total supply of the Shib, and that means there is still a chance for coin burning including to push the price to a high number.

What do you think about the coin?
What is your view in the future?

Leave your comments below for us to discuss together.

Thank you for your time, may luck always be with you.


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