[April 18, 2021] Latest price updates and discussion of Hive & Hive Dollars

Today the graphs of these two currencies are starting to move downwards, is this part of the HBD price stabilization program? However, this decline was not too large, so prices are still very stable. The dollar Hive and Hive (HBD) graph is currently quite moving. Is it part of the performance of the people here that has an effect on the graph there?

Today I am back to discussing the trade chart between Hibe and HBD (Hive dollars), where the Hive chart is at $0.576 Usd (reached $0.65 Usd) and the HBD chart is at 0.00002745 Btc. This figure is at a safe point this week, but if you pay attention to the graph of these two currencies the price is getting lower.

Although sometimes there is also an upward movement at a certain time, this is a concern for traders who keep on a certain price. The graphics of these two currencies are not that much different, this is because the users of Hive and Hbd themselves have the same amount.

  • HIVE


Hive price currently stands at $0.576 USD which means today's price is worse than yesterday's price. Maybe the program to boost Hive has not been 100% implemented, this does not mean Hive will drop to a low point, Hive is still stable this week.

The price is under $1 USD, and it is possible that the Hive will be over $1 USD.

  • Hive Dollars (HBD)


At the moment other crypto prices are experiencing a tremendous increase, however, the HBD price is still hovering around $1 - $2 USD.

The price of HBD is starting to stabilize, which is below or the equivalent of $2 USD or $1.71 USD, this program from Hbdstabilizer is running smoothly. The target HBD to become the currency for every purchase is almost achieved. In fact, in recent weeks the price of the HBD has exceeded $2 USD, albeit only for a moment.

  • Market Hive Wallet

Hive wallet.png

You can see on the Hive wallet market, there is a place to exchange between Hive and Hive Dollars (HBD). The price comparison for these two currencies is at 1:0.361, which means 1 Hive is equal to 0.361 HBD. This is much different from yesterday's prices, hbd and steem have graphs that have experienced a large increase, so the conversions between these two currencies are very high.

  • Buy Hive

Buy Hive02.png

If you buy a Hive using HBD at this point it is highly recommended, because in addition to stabilizing the HBD price to the equivalent of $1 USD it is also possible to push the Hive price even higher. Moreover, the current HBD price is still very high, this will be far from the target.

  • Sell Hive

Sell Hive01.png

Maybe many of us don't want to make this exchange, because the HBD price is high compared to the Hive price. That way you have to have a lot of Hive to get a lot of HBD.

You may understand the explanation above, and this is very good for all of us.

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