Why I am Bullish on SPS?



A month ago I decided sell all my SPS holdings to fulfill an unavoidable need. To be honest the need was dire and I didn't wanted to sell my SPS holdings. Part of me was tolling me that I was making a big mistake and I might may never be able to rebuild my SPS stakes ever again. But thankfully the crisis got averted and I didn't end up selling all my SPS.

As of now I have staked all the SPS again and am peacefully harvesting those juicy 30% staking rewards. I am also re-staking all my harvest to maximize my returns, as I understand what SPS means and what are its future prospects. Taking about future prospects, I am extremely bullish on SPS both in short and long term.

Below are the few factors that make me go long on SPS:

  • Recently, year long SPS airdrop has ended which means no more free tokens to dump for the casual folks. Now we have a week selling wall with a token supply crunch. This has already started to reflect in SPS price, as it has already rebounded from all time low of $0.043 and is already making a speedy recovery.

  • Splinterlands has finally started to give SPS the role it was entitled to. Tournament side of the game has already been shifted toward SPS. Very soon we are gonna have battle rewards paid in SPS. Not to mention the future in games products/items like packs are to be purchasable by SPS only. SPS has already started to replace DEC as the center-piece of Splinterlands economy.

  • Another factor that makes me long term bullish on SPS is the governance aspect of the token, once it gets fully activated.

  • Splinterlands is a brand leader when it comes to play2earn gaming ecosystem development. And the recent marketing efforts by the team have just started to pay off. e.g. recent partnership between Splinterlands and MLSPA to develop a Soccer based play2earn game. I feel this is just a start. Many new alliances and partnerships with renowned organizations to develop more amazing web3 gaming project will come in future. All of these will bring Splinterlands to lime-light and it will sure emerge as a top play2earn web game.

  • Now one thing good about all those new partnerships and projects is that SPS token been at the center of all of them. Indeed, Splinterlands is shaping a web3 play2earn economy around their governance token, SPS; giving it extreme bullishness.

  • Recently SPS has got a new exchange listing. And if things keep developing the way they are right now, soon we are gonna have SPS listed on all major crypto exchanges across the globe.

  • And last but not the least factor is Splinterlands teasing about potential future Genesis League Soccer airdrop for SPS stakers, in recent Townhall. As if airdropping SPS was not enough, we SPS stakers are gonna get more freebies. And who knows how many more airdrops will come in future.


Are you also bullish on SPS and holding it tightly like me? What are your reasons? So let me know in comments below.👇👇👇


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