Sold BTC just ahead the pump... Am I gonna regret it???

So last week, I surrendered to the Splinterlands Presale FOMO and sold 0.0807BTC for 925$(11425$/BTC) to purchase 1 million Dec. And while I was sitting contented with my DEC purchase, planning to grab a nice %age share of upcoming Splinterlands explored land, BTC started to pump and it crossed 13000$/BTC in just two days. So, I don't know if I have made a mistake I am gonna regret, but it was bad luck for sure.


It was natural for me to feel unfortunate and left out, but I got over it quickly. Instead of dwelling over the pasts, I need to keep my head up, work with what I have got and hope for the best. I used the 1 million Dec(from btc dump) to join the land pool of @neoxian and now I own 13.333% of the land in the @neoxian Region. That accounts to about 133 plots. Optimistically speaking, the land development can turns out to be a great success, I can always sell some of my plots at profit to makeup for my BTC looses.
For now, I think the BTC pump will go on for a while pushing prices to may be 20000$/BTC and then the money will start trickling down to the alts. And that will be my window of opportunity, I am counting on that.
I have also some left over BTC and I can always rebuild my reserves(slowly). Just to remind you, I had made all that BTC from last HIVE super pump. And I am planning to do the same this time, just keep on hodling my coins until the alt pump comes. The best part is , this time I have second layer tokens like LEO, KEOM, BRO, NEOXAG, SPT etc to play with. So who knows, what will pump....crypto world is after all full of surprises.
One thing I am pretty certain of is the potential of LEO. LEO is the most promising among all second layer coin. So I am slowly filling up tank with all the LEO I can get.

LEO div.png