BItcoinBaby - Day 20 "Did that Stupid Baby sell All his Crypto Again?"

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If any of you were wondering if I sold all my Coins again last week to buy the Sunday/Monday dip......

Yes I did, but as many others I did not expect that dip would keep dipping. I sold last week Saturday and I bought everything back with profit 9.855 Euro (3.3%) profit.

But that did not really help buying the Wednesday #BTC30KDIP, it just meant I had lost 10 euro less.

Still my theory proofed to be working (4 in a row now) and while I am writing this I see the first cracks of another Sunday dip unfold on the other screen.

But I did not sell (much) this Saturday.

Why didn´t you sell?

The market is in a constants state of dip, so I needed to find the right point in time to actually sell. And I kinda screwed that up for myself.

In a greedy moment of weakness I bought some ADA using my buy the dip funds, planning to sell in a few hours with a little profit....
I should have known better. This is not a stable market, you need to redo your research stupid greedy baby.

These are risky times....this dip can go as quick as it came and I will be holding BAGS of worthless USDT. So no huge risky stunts this week.

"What the Musk is going on?"

Well there are people out there that can explain that much better than I can, but what I am reading everywhere is just Fud & Fear and the only thing I think is:


Bunch of freaking babies....
And yes, I know it´s the new bunch going through there first dip....
It´s the whales spreading FUD getting the prices down so they can by cheap (not a whale, not even a baby whale myself, but I do like the buying cheap during this period).

What I do not like is that people are actually believing the FUD. Especially when the fundamentals did not change.

Come on, this FUD is made in China and like anything made in China it will not last😂✨

China 2013 : we are going to be ban crypto .
Didn't ban crypto

China 2017: we are going to be ban crypto
Didn't ban crypto

China 2021: we are going to ban crypto
In every Bitcoin bull market this same bad China ban FUD is spread.

Or what about the BTC environmental card that was played by the crypto clown? Mining BTC is bad for Nature....are you should have said that 18.5 Million BTC ago.

Mining those last 2.5 million does not really matter anymore now....
Even less if you consider that 76% of cryptocurrency miners use electricity from renewable energy sources as part of their energy mix

So stop whining and start wining!


If you lost money ...that is part of the game...
If you sold with losses you should not be playing....
If you lost more than you could afford....go back to school of hard knocks and learn the basic principles of life.


Okay, now that we clarified that, what to do with this dip....?

Well I guess most of you are poor like me and bought the first and second dip and were out of funds by dip 3.

By now we are at dip 9 and we still wanna buy, but have no funds to do so. Well you can generate them...I mean the market is crazy volatile.


We float between 35K and 43K so assign a part of your portfolio to play the volatility game, and hodl the rest.
Don´t tell me to explain the game...just make sure that you buy the right coins at the right time. Figure out which coins peak daily and are not bad to be holding in case they don´t peak.
I am using, well abusing, my love Ms. ADA.


Find a coin that does not dip that much but is nice and volatile in an upwards way...I am using my CSPR (Not financial advice but get some of those).

So I sell some of my volatility funds when BTC is up and spread them between USDT and CSPR and when the market is down I use those.
**NOTE: **Down really means down, don´t get tempted into buying above a 33K dip with the little funds you have made. OMG, so sorry I was not gonna explain this baby game.

But it get´s me through these rough times. Making a profit out of this dip is always better than becoming an involuntary hodler.


Not saying anything is wrong hodling...but just hodling takes the fun out of "crypto is fun" And I think that Already happened to some people last week.

Money back.PNG

Well if you are looking for someone to blame, blame Elon everybody else does.

word of the wise.jpg

I mean you can simply say that Elon is an Asperger Psychopath, with the brain of a middle-aged prodigy, the sense of humor of a BitcoinBaby and mommy issues....
So he´s kinda like my little brother. And he sometimes just can´t help himself....I know the feeling.

So E, what ever you are forgiven...
But now stop whatever you were doing and go play with your rockets. Until they reach Mars and return without crashing I don´t wanna here a single tweet out of you. Not even a funny one.....


Personally I am so happy that I might be touching several aspects of the autistic spectrum myself. How horrible to be a normal human dealing with the crypto volatility these last days. It must be such an emotional roller coaster, guess they can´t help it Fear they Musk.

So if you can get you´re emotions, that are probably on Meth after this week, under control please #StopFollowingElon and start listening to the wise little green man:
“Fear is the path to the dark side. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny."


Just adding some of my personal advice....start collecting Free NFTs that way you still have the idea that you are at least accumulating something next to loss.

For those out there that like to have their NFT handed on a silver platter there is now a Free NFT NoiseCash Channel and for those of you that can not get enough of my weekly rants...there is also a BitcoinBaby BS channel

Thanks for the read and have a lovely day

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