Bitcoins New ATH (All Time High) Will Not Last Long


Yesterday, I spent a fair amount of time waiting for the elusive BTC ATH, and finally went to bed. When I woke up this morning here we are!

At the time of this post the price of BTC is $66614 and holding, but I still think the rest of the year will be even better.

I'm kind of giggling at some of you who like to stop by my bullish BTC posts and leave some snarky comments... YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.. :)

Yes, I do realize it is highly likely we have some Global economic crisis in the near future, brought to us by Politicians trying to run the world, but people who understand money will not hold USD while the world pretends you can make $3.5 trillion out of the thin air.

POLITICIANS CAN NOT PRINT BITCOIN.. It's not out of the question a huge nation tries some day, but for now it is a good place to hedge Inflation.

For all of those who have bought, held and earned your crypto, this is the moment to enjoy. There will be good days and bad, but for today..

Congratulations on a new ALL TIME HIGH, and if you think this is nice wait until November!

Cheers to the holders and the grinders!



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