Draw Or Make A Leo Mascot! - Week Long Contest


This is going to be open for a week as I will be on less over the next couple of weeks. I'll still pop in to check on the site and make some posts here and there but won't be running the daily contests the next week or so.

Now let's get to the contest!

I always go back and forth on how serious we should be on this site and how much fun we should have. On the one hand it is a financial blogging site so it makes sense to have a more professional tone but on the other it is a social site so let's be silly once in awhile and make friends. I mean look at doge coin, it is all memes and it is a top 50 coin.

So Leo much wow!

For this contest I want you to make me a mascot for the site. Preferably I would like it drawn or done on ms paint. It does not have to be good, in fact the worse it is the better. Real quality is welcome too of course but if you make a funny meme paint post you will probably get an upvote.

The mascot can be anything. I'm sure most of you will do cats from kittens to lions but you can do anything you want. It can be a giant bitcoin with a top hat on or a dancing elephant. Why a dancing elephant? I don't know, why does a tiger eat frost flakes, these things just happen.

I'll be picking winners randomly through the week. Everyone is free to enter!

Official rules:

1.) Upvote and share the post.
2.) Leave your picture in the comments.

And if you really don't want to draw anything you can also leave a written description in the comments as well.

Also let me know where you stand on how light we should keep it here, the area of social finance is pretty new so we are still forging our path.

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