Daily Contest Rules And The First Contest


The rules are simple all you will need to do is put your answer to whatever the question is in the comments. There will be two types of contests, one where there are three winners who get 100% and several runner-ups who will get smaller votes and ones where there are no clear winners and people will get upvotes from 10-100% for participating. You will have 24 hours (or so) to put in your answer. I will check the comments the next day and make it rain upvotes. Hopefully whales will come in and make it rain upvotes too if they like your comments. Then I will make a new contest and repeat the next day. If you miss one do not stress there will be another one. And another one. They are called the daily contest for a reason :p. I will probably do them around the same time which is now. If I miss a day or am late I'll just pick winners before I make the next one. The idea is no stress and sustainability :).

Official Rules:

1.) Upvote and share the post.
2.) Enter your answer in the comments.

That's about it. The goal is to make these both fun and easy. Everyone is welcome to join in no matter how long you have been here or how new you are.

Today's Contest

Ok enough of the rules let's run one to show you how it goes. Let's start with a simple one. Tell me about yourself when it comes to crypto. Are you a day trading expert or a content writer who knows nothing about this magical internet money and wants to learn? You can tell me about your favourite coins or even ask questions about crypto if you are new.

This is one of those days where there is no clear top 3 so I will just be giving out votes from 10-100% depending on the comment.

And please consider delegating your Leo to these contests or getting involved to help judge them :)

And begin!

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