The comprehensive A to Z, UK coin hunt: D is for "Double-decker bus" - All aboard!!


The Great British Coin Hunt Quintessentially British A to Z

As we travel the nation, we do it in style, But in a red Double Decker Bus… it might take a while!
The Double Decker Bus is an iconic symbol of London, people all over the world, associate the famous red bus with our capital city.
This global icon, was first seen as early as 1829 when George Shillibeer started operating his horse drawn omnibus service from Paddington to the city.
His clever idea soon caught on and in 1855 the London General Omnibus Company (LGOC) was born, and soon official buses were available to the public.
-Royal Mint.


The great British double decker even became a cinematic superstar in 1963, when it was the centrepiece of the movie SUMMER HOLIDAY

Come on..... You all know the words, sing along!


We've not started this UK coin hunt with coin that scream "collect me!"..... The first four coins all seem to be in the bottom part of the desirability table. This could simply be due to A, B, C & D being the most collected as they were released first and the majority of collectors have them. Time will tell if they become more sort after as collectors struggle to complete the full set of 26.

The 2018 version has a mintage figure of 220,000 and currently sells for:


The 2019 version has a lower mintage figure of 84,000 and this is reflected in its price:


As you can see, although there is a big doff3in mintage figures, the actual re-sale price is pretty similar. I can only attribute this to the fact that 2018 is the "first year" of mintage and so has that new-coin appeal. I'm pretty confident, that as the market realises that to complete the 2019 set will be far far more difficult, the price of the 2019 coins will start to skyrocket.

While the everyday "pocket change" collector will be happy to mix and match years to get a full set of 26 (A through Z), the purist will want coins of the same year bulked together. As I reveal more coins in the set, you'll see how mintage figures for some 2019 coins differ dramatically.

My advice is to buy, buy, buy up ALL the 2019 coins you can get your hands on..... These may well become the most collectable circulated coins in UK history, their mintage figures definitely suggest that.

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