DungeonSwap: A Retro Adventure Role-Playing Blockchain Game


Those born in the 1990s or early 2000s could perhaps remember web-based games in which players could create and build their characters, attack monsters and obtain loots and interact with other players. Players only need to click on the screen the activities they wanted their characters to perform and wait for a few minutes or hours to receive their rewards.

These games were very simple but many really enjoyed it during its time. Seeing photos of these old games shared in social media sites bring back a lot of great memories for some of their childhood and growing up days. But what if there is a current game that give could give us nostalgia and at the same time allows us to truly own our in-game weapons and armors and earn some crypto?

The wait is over because DungeonSwap is finally here.

As the first DeFi-RPG game on the Binance Smart Chain, DungeonSwap incorporates the retro adventure of classical fantasy tabletop role-playing game, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), decentralized finance (DeFi) and play-to-earn experience.

DungeonSwap is fully-packed with features such as the Trading Market (Exchange), Liquidity Fountain (Adding Liquidity), Fantasy Farm (Staking Pool), The Dungeon (Adventure and Battles), Armoury (NFT Wallet), NFT Market and Smithy (Upgrading Weapons). All of these features allow players to earn $DND, the token that powers the game.



On the Dungeon, players are faced with different enemies on every level, and are given choices between "attack", "special attack", and "escape". Players can either go to deeper level of the dungeon and continue to fighting more enemies and accumulate more $DND, or keep their reward and exit the game so that they don’t risk losing the rewards they earned.


On every battle, users can earn weapons, armors and special items which are NFTs that can be used to strengthen their character and improve their probability of winning. These weapons can be improved on the Smithy or sold in the marketplace for some $DND. Users who want to immediately improve their winning rate can easily shop for rare and powerful weapons.


As to the $DND token, it has a long term maximum supply of only 10,000,000. The generation of $DND is governed with reference to the Logistic Growth Model where there is balance between yield farming gains and token burning. $DND which are paid to enter the Dungeon and improve weapons are added to pools reserved for future rewards which means that all of it goes back to the users.

Currently, DungeonSwap is working on improving its play-to-earn aspect and releasing other game features. Users will soon be able to own Relics which are NFTs and will have a significant role in the game. With Relics, players can enter the Dungeon for free and each time they win a level, they will be able to keep their rewards while going deep into the dungeon to earn more $DND.

A few days ago, Dungeonswap also released the formula of its random number generator which determines the probability of winning for transparency. This also means that players can independently verify the results of every battle on the blockchain. The game continues to become one of the trending and top games in the Binance Smart Chain.

DungeonSwap aims not only to become a fun game but also sustainable when it comes to its play-to-earn aspect with the users being at the core of everything. Over the long term, the project plans to migrate to a decentralized autonomous organization that will put the users at the center of the governance that will steer the future of the project.


Blockchain and crypto have greatly changed the landscape of gaming. While games integrating crypto rewards have grown in numbers in the last few months, only very few have tackled the issue of sustainability. Much of these games have either large maximum supply of tokens or have secondary tokens which have no utility at all except as rewards.

DungeonSwap aims to bring not only fun to its players but a guarantee that the game is here to stay to reward its players for the years to come. It's time to sign-up for DungeonSwap now and experience a whole new generation of gaming.


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