Twitter BTC tip is a major breakthrough !

Hello HODLers,

What happened the past few days with Twitter's tipping service is a major milestone for Bitcoin and crypto adoption.

Who would have imagined this to happen even a few years back?


As Jeff John Roberts from clearly states it:

Where to begin? For starters, this might be the most mainstream moment in Bitcoin's history.

No matter if we agree with Jack's political and personal views, Twitter and Square the two companies he created are clearly helping cryptocurrencies to go mainstream.


Twitter - Tipping with Bitcoin


There are still two major points to monitor:

  • The reliance of this tipping service on Strike

Its founder might not be ready for the pressure it might get from the US government. Finally, the roll-out of the Strike solution in El Salvador was quite bumpy so we might also see some issues with the Twitter solution

  • Tax ruling is till very confusing around Bitcoin

I mean, maybe some users getting tips from some fans might get a tax surprise in many countries but this is a risk for any crypto investor/user.

NFTs are next !

The company also announced its plans to explore NFTs fo authentification.

This could give even more values for some of these cryptopunks or other Crypto Social Status' NFTs !

"It’s a way to support creators making this art with a stamp to demonstrate authenticity," said Twitter executive, Esther Crawford. "By allowing people to connect their Bitcoin wallets, they can track and showcase their NFT ownership on Twitter."

Good news keep piling up and the only thing worrying me is the crackdown from SEC and other government agencies in the US.

Apart from this, it seems we are all set to go to the next level of crypto adoption ;).

Stay safe out there.


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