Torum, a social media crypto just launched its $XTM token !

Hello HODLers and maybe Landers,

Today I am going to talk about a Crypto Social Network that some of you know. I understand that it can be seen as competition since I am writing this article on other platforms but I believe we all gain to have a fair competition in order to be ready to onboard mainstream users.


So, is a social network developped by a Malaysian team. It has attracted a lot of capital from VCs and other investors prior to their private sale and IDO.

The platform has been live for a year or so and you were able to gain these $XTM by completing daily tasks on the platform and by reaching certain milestones.

One of the easiest way to get some $XTM tokens is to onboard new users using your referral code. Here is mine if some of you did not join yet.

You will get 35 $XTM worth a few $ at the moment.


HECO Fund investment

The HECO Blockchain is the blockchain created by Huobi Exchange. It is kind of like Binance Smart Chain and the Binance Exchange.

They have announced on August, 6th that they have invested in Torum.

Since then, Torum has stepped up and added new features such as 3 airdrops (easy to claim on the HECO chain) and conducted its own IDO.

Medium Post: Torum Announces Strategic Investment by Huobi Ventures HECO Fund


Torum x Uniswap announcement

Yesterday, they announced the launch of the liquidity pool where we could finally get some liquidity for our $XTM tokens.

Uniswap address to swap $XTM token to $ETH: Uniswap

I did not cash out any of the 1.5k $XTM I earned through posting as the roadmap seems quite exciting.

Below are their projects for H2-2021:

  • Torum NFT Launchpad: The initial NFT offering platform for projects to issue a set of limited edition NFTs to the community.
  • Torum NFT Marketplace: The first social-infused NFT marketplace with the ability to market NFTs to the users of Torum.
  • Torum Airdrop: A premium section for projects to conduct airdrops to the Torum community.
  • Torum News: A one-stop news and information aggregator for projects.
  • Torumgram: A bridge that connects Telegram groups and channels to Torum.
  • Torum Lounge: An audio-only board to conduct AMA and close-engaging events.

Sounds good right?

Already listed on Hotbit exchange



XTM first trading hours

The coin is doing very well sitting around c.$0.15. I believe the private sale was done around 6 cents and the lock-up is over a year so we should not have a huge dump coming up in the next few days.

I also think that they will announce some new features soon; maybe the NFT marketplace? in order to sustain the current momentum.


I am therefore waiting for some kind of staking product so I can play for the long term and still get some nice yield.

Stay safe out there,



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