This Top10 Blockchain just keeps "crashing"!

Hi HODLers,

Usually I do not hate on projects I am not invested in as nothing productive comes out of it... BUT I have to talk about a Layer1 being once again "offline" for a few hours.

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Like... What the hell? If it happened once, it is bad as it is not supposed to happen the Blockchain world. That is the point of blockchains: reliable, 24/7 network!

When it keeps happening, there are obviously issues with the overall blockchain...

Who am I talking about?

Solana, Who else?
The network went dark for nearly seven hours on Saturday—roughly 4:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. EST

The crash, according to a tweet from Metaplex, was

"partially due to botting on the Metaplex Candy Machine program. To combat this, we have merged and will soon deploy a botting penalty to the program as part of a broader effort to stabilize the network."


This Candy Machine dapp seems to allow users to mint easily NFTs on Solana.

Austin Federa, head of comms for Solana confirmed:

"PSA: Solana mainnet beta fell out of consensus and the validator network couldn't recover."


Solana ($SOL) Price Chart

Honestly, not much impact as it was down only 5% during the past 24hours. $SOL is now valued at $87.


I don't know if it crashed, was paused or whatever but it seems the Solana Network is having these issues way to often compared to other Blue Chips Layers 1!

Stay safe out there,


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