Stake all your Hive-Engine in one click: Hive Multi Staker!

Hi HODLer and Hiveans,

Today is a day where I want to highlight a cool project on Hive from a friend of mine who has been developing a lot of cool things for us, Hiveans.

He is the one behind HiveLive, SuperHive (new update coming up!) and now HiveMultiStaker.

I am talking about @bambukah! Please support him through upvotes as he is doing this pro-bono! N.B.: 50% of the rewards of this post will go to @bambukah


Let's go to this new Hive Multi Stake then:


It is as easy as it can be, you input your Hive username, click on stake or claim, then you will be on the page below where you can just decide which ones you want to claim or just claim them all.

There is exactly the same system for Staking!

It feels so good to have an easy solution to claim them all in one click.


More about this here

What if I would tell you it could autoclaim while you sleep?

This feature is for the laziest of us as you do not even need a single click :D.

You can also authorize @hive.autoclaim to make these claims for you ! This service was made by @arcange and it is included ino include Autoclaim inside HiveMultiStaker

Looking for auto-paying script for delegation project

I would like to use this occasion to ask if anyone has a script automatically sending curation rewards to delegators.

I have one made by @gerber working perfectly for Hive. (if you read this btw, would it be possible to have it so I can adapt it to LEO). @flauwy I would also imagine you have one for all the curators of the @oneup ecosystem which I delegate to as it is very easy!.

Thanks in advance and Hive-on!


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