Hive is HODLing strong, just picked up my $BRO Badge !

Hello HODLers,

Today I was once again looking at HIVE performance and seeing it stand in the green among a lot of reddish numbers made me proud of my baby !

So many positive things continuing to happen on our beloved Blockchain !


I see a lot of people I follow and HIVE OGs powering down to take advantage of this quite high $HIVE price. This is normal, same thing happened on STEEM, when you have old time users sitting on 250k+, who would blame them for selling? Not me !

But the big difference is that HIVE is holding its ground and you have strong hands and whales picking these tokens on the market. This is new to me.

Also, as I mentionned in a previous post about the ALL In Podcast, institutionals are kneed deep into the Blockchain and Crypto Worlds and seeing what happened lately with Facebook, some early investors are looking at decentralized social medias.

The marketing push thanks to @lordbutterfly seems also to pay off as I have heard the first Brave Browser users having been exposed to the Hive Blockchain Ads !

This is making me bullish on HIVE.

Hive Chart


This looks like a strong cryptocurrency holding its ground, I expect us to find support on the MA25 (purple line) and try to go past the MA7 (brownish one).


Chasing the BRO Badge !

Seeing a few posts including this one One more badge - I am a proud hodler of at least 10 $BRO by @katerinaramm

And I just thought: I freaking need that badass badge !


I went on my favorite Hive Tokens Platform @Leodex and bought some $BRO !


And there sits my BRO badge just under my profile on



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