Did Crypto.com listen to its users' anger? Or was it planned?

Hi HODLers and Crypto.com users,

A few days ago I mentioned how Crypto.com pulled another trick on its users and lowered basically most of the advantages of holding CRO or having their debit card. As I also stated, I was not even suprised as they did the same thing a while back with their previous token MCO.

Image Source (outdated I guess!)

Here is the link to my last blog on the subject: Crypto.com rugpulled its users... Once again!

What did they rollback?

First of all, let me say that I believe these concessions were planned in advance and they expected users' backlash and therefore to have to give us a little bit.

They had done the exact same thing when they moved from MCO tokens to CRO. First being outrageous in their "exchange rate" and then making it less bad (but still bad).

I received the following information in 2 separate emails:




  • Ruby Steel (with an active stake) will give 1% cashback
  • Royal Indigo / Jade Green will give back 2% cashback

Then instead of cutting off all users from the CRO Staking Rewards, they made it so:

  • Obsidian, Icy White or Frosted Rose Gold Card will have 8%
  • Jade Green or Royal Indigo cardholders will have 4%

These rates will only last for the next 180 days though.

So they make it just a bit better so people would think it is actually not that bad. Human Psychology I guess.

Stay safe out there,


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