With 1.92% More Daily Users @splinterlands Will Dethrone PancakeSwap + Roblox Comparison

It has been 65 days of SPS Airdrops and I have finally reached another milestone that is 25,000 SPS staked. I remember seeing triple digit APR some days ago and the number has fallen to 82.65% APR which will have gone down further by the time most of you will read this article.

There was a conversation started by @aussieninja which was followed by @darrenleesl and many others that happened 6 days ago. I thought this will become important and kept a mental note. It did become useful when I wanted to take a look at historical data without digging into data mining (which is not even something I'm very familiar with).


91M Staked Staked With 100% APR -> 108.8M With 82.65% APR


That is nearly 20% increase in staked SPS and 18% reduction in APR.I'm happy to say that I have been staking every SPS I got from the very first day. These numbers are lower than what the returns on PancakeSwap at the moment.

I still consider staking in game to be the superior option:

  1. BNB has less potential for price increases
  2. You are getting Vouchers (and possibly other perks) for staking in game


SPSBNB Farm.png

Even thought the current APR numbers are better on PancakeSwap, I still urge sticking to in game staking for anyone who does not plan to immediately cash out SPS. I mean why would you make such a move? SPS has the potential to be worth over $1 even with the 3 Billion Maximum Supply.

Roblox Corporation (RBLX) | A Company With 1 Game + 164M Monthly Active Users

Roblox Corporation RBLX.png

The company was started in 2004 and the game came out in 2006. It took a long while for Roblox to create their fan base. It's not very different from what @splinterlands went through. It has been made clear that @splinterlands is not going to end up being just another CCG. The developers do want to expand the game into different areas creating an ecosystem.

@splinterlands MAU


@splinterlands DAU


The Daily Active Users number is even more impressive. @splinterlands has created a DAPP where users are coming back to use daily. These are incredibly difficult to pull off stunts. We have a miracle maker DAPP here.

We Are About To Beat PancakeSwap


We only need 1.92% more DAU to become the #1 DAPP (not game; DAPP!) in the entire cryptosphere.


I have only skimmed through much of the lore that is present here. When these got released @ecoinstant (IIRC) said that these were among the best tier content he has seen. If he gives his seal of approval; I'm not going to even look any further.

Splinterlands Wiki

See, all that is necessary to become a mainstream phenomenon is already here. The foundations have been laid. What is left is for the time to do its thing and make sure the worth ends up where it rightfully deserve. Those who are smart enough to figure this out and bet accordingly will be rewarded.

Happy Investing! - Happy Gaming!

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