This Artist Paid $223.94 on Ethereum To Sell His 1st NFT | Bring Them To HIVE With $0 Fee Trading Options Available

This is coming from an ordinary artist with a small YouTube channel with 35.8K subscribers. He does not know much about cryptocurrency. His name is Joseph and likely tried out Ethereum because of all the hype coming from various people in cryptosphere.

With the current cryptoart frenzy, a lot of people are talking about how much money they are making — but not a lot of people are talking about what it costs to list and sell their work. Today we're doing a bit of a reality check on the cost of doing business when it comes to selling an NFT.

You can see his art here. I would not personally make any such attempts due to fees that are more than than monthly income in a poor country.

6 BIG Problems for Artists Selling NFT Crypto Art in 2021

This video is from another ordinary artist with 3.65K subscribers on YouTube. These are real problems and concerns of real people. The solutions already exist. The only issue is that most ipeople are completely unaware of offerings on HIVE or any similar platform like WAX.

NFT Showroom on HIVE

NFT Showroom.png

You can check out @nftshowroom or official website and get started right now with your HIVE account. There is no such thing as transaction fees on HIVE. Following file formats are accepted under the specificnations listed below:

  • Image: JPEG, PNG, and GIF files are supported. Maximum size is 30 MB and you will need a 3 MB version for the thumbnail. If you are tokenizing a GIF the thumbnail can also be a GIF provided it is below 3 MB.

  • Video: MP4 files are supported. Maximum size is 100 MB. You will also need a 5 MB thumbnail in MP4 format which can include sound. We recommend using H264 codec as that will play reliably in most browsers!

  • Audio: MP3 and WAV files are supported. Maximum size is 30 MB and you will need a 3 MB image for the thumbnail.

  • Thumbnail: The thumbnail displays at different aspect ratios on different part of the website and also slightly varies by device, 400PX tall and portrait ratio is best overall. The largest it will be displayed is 400x330 from it's thumbnail.

Platform fees can be several orders of magnitudes lower than what you will get on Ethereum. There are all working products we have right now.

There's Nothing To Be Built; Only To Be Promoted!

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