Selling Both HIVE and STEEM in The LEO Dip + Investing in @nolosslottery + Getting Ready for CUB IDO + 19.3% Arbitrage Trade With DEC

I know the title packs several things at once. I prefer to make a single article briefly covering all of them. Life gets busy and I often find myself not writing about anything at all if I pass up a good opportunity to start creating. In fact I didn't even mention everything in the title.

Making Deposits To HIVE-Engine


STEEM has been falling against HIVE recently. These are great times to make a few trades if you have any liquid STEEM around. If you have been cross posting your work on STEEM, you should have at least some of these waiting in your wallet. To make things even better, you will have 1 TRX for every SP you earn in posting and curation rewards.

Checking Tron Account


I rarely check my account and TRX has been slowly accumilating there. There are even some TRC-20 Tokens waiting there. I have not purchased them. They are much similar to those HIVE-Engine airdrops you occasionally see. As usual, the staking and voting follows:


@nolosslottery is Not a Lottery


It is a creation of @shortsegments and what it really is, is a different way of giving away hedge fund like rewards. There are many hedge fund like Tokens on HIVE such as SEED Token by @empoderat (which I have bought both directly and on the market). None of them distrubute rewards in a lottery like manner where few winners take the returns of each round (week in the case of @nolosslottery).

You don't loose your LEO when participating. As long as you keep your LEO without getting a refund, you get tickets into the weekly draw. It is an interesting way to add sort of RNG into your investment returns without altering the risk profile much.

Blessed We Are To See LEO Dipped

Time To Buy.png

I love it when the assets I love the most come crashing down. These are times to buy more and I assure you that these buying events will happen on the blockchain. LEO has dipped against HIVE and possibly slightly against STEEM. We all know the smart money drill now.

I am not buying at market rates. I want to get the most out of this and I have put some limit orders which may get filled soon. Meanwhile I can show you a different way to make some instant gains.

19.3% Arbitrage With DEC

DEC 1.png

DEC 2.png

Take a good look at the priced in the two DEXs. What I have often seen is STEEM-Engine offering lower prices. This time you are going to see higher prices on STEEM-Engine. You will loose on SPS Airdrop Points when you sell your DEC. I currently have no intention of selling DEC; only buying. Those who are looking for more selling action now has a great moment at hand.

Use To Save Deposit/Withdrawal Fees

This is a special use case for DEC where you can use the game to send your DEC between exchanges.

DEC 3.png

Markets Are Wrong About CUB

Markets are very much like democracies. They can be manipulated and the what happens there rarely says anything substantial regarding the true underlying value of things. All I know is that it is going to mean a lot to me when I finally transfer my LEO to once the limit orders are filled.


I was not looking to stake LEO or make some quick trades. I was simply treating it as a way to get into CUB before the IDO for Polygon DeFi project launch. So far CUB Kingdom has been an incredibly stress free DeFi experience with dependence on PancakeSwap.

Happy Investing!

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