Hak5 and The Business of Democratizing InfoSec Hardware Access

This is one of those companies that are like nuclear energy. These products and payloads can cause great harm to people or play a major part in fighting against criminals and/or getting better InfoSec education. The people behind Hak5 have had 17 years of experience and has their own YouTube channel explaining many things related to technology, privacy and security.

A Short Demonstration of Some Products

These are cheaply available for the masses. Technology like this used to be a thing that was exclusive to government agencies and they were generally being sold at high prices. If nothing else; Hak5 democratize access to InfoSec hardware.

You Cannot Protect Yourself from Threats You Don't Know

This is the main reason I'm sharing these things. If Hak5 and other like it did not sell these products for cheap, it would have been some secret exclusive for some big players. Now anyone interested can try out these technologies and get a more clear idea of the threats they could face. It is like practicing with guns. Ultimately you are learning something that can hurt many people. Yet the same thing can give you the insights to protect yourself.

Free Markets Make Things Cheaper + Efficient

Free markets find the fastest, cheapest most efficient ways to do things and compete on the price to gain more customers. What you do with the what you purchase is upto you.

"All technology is in itself morally neutral."
-- Aldous Huxley

Markets simply deliver the technology. Free markets do this in the best system possible. This is inherently a neutral act. These capabilities of these technologies should be treated as way to gain insights into how to do things better.

Early jailbreaking of iPhones eventually lead Apple to create a more secure operating system. I wish to see a future where companies like Hak5 can help to bring people's attention towards security, privacy and better ways to defend against potential threats.

It is possible that I am being overly optimistic. At least now you know a place to buy and play around hacking/surveillance/anti-surveillance equipment. Get your knowledge and use it to build a more secure world :-)

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