Brave's Answer to The Privacy Nightmare of Video Conferencing and Big Tech

I have been a long time user of Brave Browser. I have been aware of it before it was a Chromium fork. I first started by migrating to Brave on mobile and later using it on desktop as well once the extension support was a thing. So far no other browser has even come close to being as great as Brave for me. It has been easy to use and full of features. Best thing is that you can do away with much of the privacy extensions you have been using anyways.

Instantly Usable With A Slick Interface

Extremly User Freindly.png

It is an extremely user friendly interface where anybody can easily get started with. This is one thing Zoom had done better over most of its competition and what allowed the dumb teachers of schools and less technological savvy users in companies to go all out on Zoom over other apps. Brave Talk is right on par with Zoom in that regard.

How I Discovered


It is the power of the ecosystem effect. So far Brave has stood for certain things and delivered excellent results compared to rest of the competition. When a small card like this pop up when million of users open their browser has a marketing that will cost millions of dollars otherwise. This is how I discovered the project and got all the screenshots.

Unlimited 1:1 + 7/Month for Groups

Brave Talk.png

I have been using Telegram desktop a lot. Some people still do not seem to have learned to user better and more privacy respecting products. When dealing with those people, Brave Talk offers a wonderful solution that can even be more useful for users who don't even want to share their Telegram Username.



If there is anything anyone can complain about at this moment, that would be fact that there are no free group calls with limited functionality. I prefer the existing simplicity and we all know that we are likely to end up being the product if the offering becomes too costly for the service provider.


You Need to Know About Jitsi

The Brave Talk service is provided in partnership with 8x8. And the service is built on the open-source Jitsi platform.

Few Warnings on Zoom

Current State of End to End Encryption in Jitsi Meet

This is will be an extremely important whitepaper to learn more about the security of Jitsi, which you can compare with what you have come to learn about the other video conferencing tools.

All of This Helps to Promote BAT

When it comes to marketing, it's not just about the immediate sowing off of your product. Having an ecosystem helps tremendously. Think about all the apps people are using simply because they have a Google account. Building some random open source alternatives are not going to do much against tyranny and government control. They are not going to help you much with your investing portfolio either.

@splinterlands blew up into massive stardom. That is not an accident. The assets are available on multiple blockchains and @splinterlands has a presence on many communities including the awful Twitter.

Bulit With BAT.png

Having BAT branding is going to help user become more familiar with Brave Browser (those who are joining from other browsers for Brave Talk) which has the potential to slowly onbaord them into Brave Browser, Brave Search and anything else Brave is likely to come up with in the future.

A Mostly Stable Investment


I used to reffer to BAT as almost a stablecoin because the price held significantly well through large turmoils in the cryptosphere. With distributions to a large group of non-investors, BAT is making cryptocurrency more mainstream behind the curtain. With BAT, cryptocurrency won't be some investment you buy and HODL for prices to go up. Instead it will be something users already have on their Browsers on PCs, Macs and phones.

A Loss For Google; A Gain For Freedom

I'm against regulation campaigns against big tech, big pharma etc. That is no the libertarian way. That is not the free market way. What we need is true competition that make the beast starve. Confuse Alphabet Inc with the data you give and keep yourself from paying when you can. You have to support and promote alternatives that respect user privacy.

With Brave and BAT we have the chance to have a future where we can choose to view ads while earning few cryptocurrency for the attention we give. This is a more humane way and it can help to create a future where you are not treated as something to milk like a cow.

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