Hello to the survivors!


For 1.5 months of bullish movements on the alta, many have relaxed and got used to the green market, and only this can explain the yards of liquidations in the last few days. I am 100% sure that many people have already poured all their accumulated profit. Why?

  1. They do not pay their salary from trading, you must fix the profit and train yourself to withdraw money from the exchange, and not just start it.

  2. I want more! Even more! And even more, the result of such desires is usually the opposite.

In a good way, in such a market it is better not to trade, but to sit on the fence and stupidly relax, give yourself a rest. 3-5 days of your absence from the market will not change anything in your life, but 100% will save your depot and nerves. Admit it, who has already made mistakes these days? 😼

I myself suffer from such nonsense, I also get high from trading and can not always deny myself, but to be honest, the percentage of my hypotheses on the market that have not been realized has doubled over these days. Only my strategy and risk management will save me from the drain, without them I would be in the same pile of liquidations. If I can't read the market at the moment, then the market is reading me and I'm not taking any chances.

What about the market today?

BT The MTC is moving sideways, the price is tightly squeezed between the values of $52,000 and $48,000, the exit and consolidation in one direction or another will indicate a new local trend. In the market at the moment of the renge, the market needs to determine the vector of movement. I won't make any forecasts yet, I'm watching.

The Alta also moves more sideways, repeating the trends behind the BTC, the best option for trading coins is to catch the BTC bounces from the levels. The dominance is also silent for now, just drawing candles by level.

Well, for a snack, catch good information 😉

Below I attach a list of tokens of the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. On the left - those that are already on the stock exchange, and on the right-those that have not yet been listed. Well, you understand, we are looking for tokens on the right and waiting for the listing.