Solana Project, MeanFi bringing crypto and DeFi to everyday banking!


MeanFi or Mean Finance, aims to significantly improve user experience so that digital assets (encryption accommodation) and de-centralization finance (DeFi) are used in routinely used banking services based on Solana network.

In recent years, the distributed devices that are released based on this is the same as the main memory or token, and the cases that pay token air drops to users before the release of the main event.

Mean Finance has the following characteristics as a digital asset banking service, which is operated in a non-shift manner in a unauthorized and non-melted environment based on Mean Protocol.

Those who do not know about the blockchain and digital assets are also simply intended to take advantage of the simplicity of the banking service and user Information.
It's aims to provide following features and services:
Very fast trading speed and low transaction fee.
Provides a transaction environment optimized through a hybrid liquidity. Aggregate protocol provided by Liquidity.
Provides investment strategies such as dollar cost average for small or high investors.
Scheduled remittances, routine banking services such as regular payment (utilizing SPL Money Streaming Protocol).

Briefly summarizes that as we use internet banking or mobile banking in their daily life, we aim to provide banking services that can conveniently use digital assets (cryptocurrency) in daily life .

Reasons why banking services are required.
The total deposits of the deprolled financial ecosystem is growing about 180 times from the DEFI SUMMER in July 2021, the revival of Defi, and has been expanding to an incredibly fast rate.

However, in order for DEFI to become a new standard, it is still necessary to still need a million users, and it is necessary to remove one by one of the entry walls to the general public and enterprises.

For example, terms and concepts such as liquidity supply, non-design loss, routing, and bonding curves are very unfamiliar and difficult to know that it is not a very unfamiliar and difficult concept, not a specialist or blockchain that has many experiences, and common users and customers must know It does not.

Technology Start-up Death Valley is not just limited to the lack of initial investment, but also when technology is not accepted to the general public that moves a little faster in early adapters.

Decentralized Finance, DeFi has created an environment where all users who are free without a centralized institution or an intermediary, they have created an environment where you can freely transactions, loans and borrowings, but there are still a crowd to make it easy for general public.

MeanFi Protocol provides an interface with everyday banking services and a large difference, and more people want to play a bridge that can use Digital Assets and DEFI in everyday life.


MeanFi DAO's governance token and Mean Finance's utility token, Mean Token, is not already issued, but it is very likely to proceed with the users as a token. Mean Protocol has attracted investments from famous venture Capitals such as Three Error Capital, Softbank, and has recently participated in the domestic Venture Capital summit, which has been investing in Solana Ecosystem. Its interesting to see how well things are favouring the Solana in recent rise of Ethereum Gas Fee and it is becoming popular among new investors.

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