My Hive Story... What's Yours?


I saw this post from @makerhacks today and thought that it would be good to know each other and each other's HIVE story.

Thus, I wanted to join.

1. How long have you been on the Blockchain?

I joined HIVE (Steemit back then) on January 11, 2018. It will be four years soon.

2. What was your background in cryptocurrency when you first came to the Blockchain?

I was aware of cryptocurrencies, however I didn't know blockchain and blockchain based social medias such as HIVE. I was looking for video platforms alike Youtube, then I came across DTube. Through DTube, I discoreved HIVE ;)

3. What was your background in writing when you first came to the Blockchain?

I had never done blogging like this before. I used to write and post on some forums for about 10 years. I can say that some of them was like blogging.

4. How many people did you know when you first came to the Blockchain?

I didn't know anybody, I didn't even know what HIVE was :) I got some friends from my country and other countries quickly though. Furthermore, numbers of my friends have increased participating in Discord channels.

5. How did you meet people when you first came to the Blockchain?

As mentioned above, I didn't know anybody. I mingled, then I got to know people by reading and commeting their posts and vice versa.

6. Who did you look up to when you first came to the Blockchain?

I didn't look up to anyone, but I looked around to start from the scratch.

7. How would you describe your first three months on the Blockchain?

It was very good. I was l learning something in blockchain and getting to know new people everyday. I joined the challenges every week, which were organized from a community in my country. The subjects of the challenges were mostly about crypto worlds, therefore I was in a quick learn and rise in the blockchain. I mean recieving HIVE/HBD and reputation.

8. Has being a part of the Blockchain changed you in any way for the good?

I can liken HIVE to the times of the Internet in 2000s. I can say that I have seen wise, good quality people and posts. The second thing that HIVE taught me is that using the time effectively in a day. Now, I spare less time for the centralized social platforms, even I sometimes forget them to look.

I can call this, money value of time.

9. What is your favorite memory from your time on the Blockchain?

My favorite memory on HIVE were the times that I and some friends from my country were helping the newcomers about HIVE Ecosystem and blockchain. Unfortunately, many of them has gone after the dump of the price of HIVE.

10. If you could advise a new person signing up to Hive, what would it be?

I tell my friends about HIVE and show some posts about how it works. I ask them whether they want their activities, hobbies, likes to turn into money. When they see the rewards they intend to join, but when it comes to blogging they become reluctant. Therefore, what I say first is to be patient.

That's all folks.

So, what is your HIVE story?

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