HiveStats Monthly Progress - October 2021


It is time to write a HiveStats Monthly Progress post after one month. I can say that I was not as active as September in October. I was away from HIVE almost a week. However, I always try to be online on HIVE as much as I can, by upvoting and commeting on posts thanks to Ecency App.


Here is the all data that was collected from HiveStats:
I shared only two posts in October. I recieved 244 upvotes and 155 comments for my posts and comments. Furthermore, I received 4.56 HIVE from Curation Rewards and 23.17 HIVE from Author Rewards in October. Comparing to September, there is a decrease both in curation and author rewards. APR rate remained the same.

My first goal is to have 1000 HP milestones, and the second one was reaching 60 reputation. Finally, I reached over 60 reputation in October.

I would like to thanks @LeoFinance for the contributions to HiveStats. Hope to see you in the next monthly progress post.

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