My Hive Goals (7th May, 2021) - The Power of Consistency


I've spent Three Years and Three Months on the Hive blockchain and I can say from my experience that "Consistency" is an asset booster when it comes to investment. When the journey began, I was all in for content creation and engagement and just that and I was content that I was making some tonnes of posts and I had users who found them interesting tand gave their reading time. However, after the first 18 months, things changed and I observed that the 50% of my author reward that were auto powered up by the platform protocol had yielded some tangible momentum and was already giving value to other users' contents. That notwithstanding, the investment mentality wasn't yet activated as I had to power down some of the staked rewards and had them withdrawn.

At the emergence of Hive-engine (then Steem-engine), tokens like SPORTS, MARLIANS, PAL, DBLOG, were increasing in volume in my wallet and my upvote value (amount of tokens given out in upvotes) grew from single to double to triple digits and it dawn on me that I was already a big curator in the tribes. Wow, that was an awesome addition to my profile on the Hive blockchain though not intentional. Few weeks down the line, I started apportioning a part of my liquid author reward and began to add gradually to my stakes till I hit the 1 million count for some of the tokens and lo, a new era erupted in my socialmedia blogging experience on Hive blockchain.

When I started sharing my daily, weekly, monthly and yearly curation rewards, I discovered how much of the users I motivated and did actually exposed to the fact that curation on the second layer of Hive can be lucrative. I personally had to further my researches on the tokenomics of the second layer tokens and carfully tracked the build up of the earning statistics till I discovered which token was the most lucrative in terms of curation.

Yes, I became a Hive investor without having to exchange my Fiat to crypto. All I need was staying consistent to authorship and engagement. This story became important today when I look back at how slow my Curation portfolio grew over the last one month when other activities hampered in my authorship and engagement of contents on this blockchain. Due to the project I presently handle off-chain, posting daily became difficult and I discovered that as I missed to post each day, the passion continued to reduce. Just then, I remember my Mathematics study rule "If you leave if for a day, you need Two days to catch-up". Each time, users like @Tasmaster4450le motivate me being able to make as much as 2 to 3 post impressions and 100s of comments on daily basis. Indeed, consistency is an attitude.

Really found myself missing out of growing my investment portfolio due to Reduced contenting and authorship earnings. It's been my code to do tiny bits of addition to my stakes on daily and weekly basis and it compounds over time to form something bog. Sometime ago, Khal talked about a $10 investment strategy that would sum up to $3650 at the end of the year and going into a crypto asset that makes a 100% price pump over a year would amount to $7300. On the other hand, if that goes to a curation asset like we have on Hive and it's second layer, then one can have an additional 10 to 30% to his asset balance after a year. I call it the "Drops Strategy".

As I mark this 7th day of May, it is my resolve to stay consistent with posting and commenting over all the communities I am holding token stakes to see how to make the rounds in the next 7 days. LEO, SPORTS, LIST, CTP. CHARY, CHARY, and the dividend tokens must grow in value over the coming days. Moreover, I'm looking into venturing into POB and VINE tokens on completing my research.

The journey to a successful future isn't just one action but a compunding of tiny bits of actions consistently. Thanks to @Jongolson and @ph1102 for always inspiring #MyHiveGoals.

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