Maybe Slowly, but Crypto will be utilized in every fabric of life


There are 16 football clubs and Counting that are now owning crypto fan token hosted on The journey started with FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain and others and just few days, the biog Manchester City has joined the league of football clubs adopting crypto and now growing the NFT mania.
Thanks to for the awesome infrastructure that makes it possible. is the new app built on the Chiliz blockchain for football fans, where you acquire voting rights (with fan tokens) to influence the clubs you love. These tokens are cryptocurrency and it helps the teams to be abreast the recent development in finance. The native crypto of the blockchain is $CHZ (ON Binanace). The fan token developed by a team and hosted on can be traded against the native token Chiliz ($CHZ).

In a recent news, English Premier League leaders, Manchester City, have joined forces with to launch the Manchester City Fan Token identified as $CITY. The launch of the $CITY Fan Token is expected to create a new layer of digital engagement for Manchester City’s fan globally and helps to bring them closer to the decision making process of the club they support.

In a statement, Stephan Cieplik, Senior Vice President of Global Partnerships Sales, City Football Group, had this to say concerning the token launch:

“We are excited to launch the new Manchester City Fan Token, which will provide another opportunity for our fans all over the world to get even closer to the Club they love. Fans will have access to fantastic competitions and VIP experiences and be able to vote on Club initiatives.

It is interesting to see that ownership of these social assets like football club is now getting closer to the fans who are the real owners and actually give value to the club through their support, ticket purchase and whole lot of ripples created in the socialmedia space about their choice clubs. With this, it is hopeful that fans can also tap from the wealth they have helped the clubs to accumulate over time.

Moreover, the wealth of the club would drastically improve with their involvement with cryptocurrency. This also opens up much more support systems in the sports sector that would create much more employment opportunities. The latest partnership of Socios with Manchester City with their growing NFT mania has helped $CHZ retest its previous ATH of $0.89 and in the near future, $CHZ could be a most wanted token in the sports sphere.

In another statement, Ferran Soriano, Chief Executive of City Football Group had this to say:

We recognise the significant interest in blockchain and the opportunity it provides us to engage further our global fanbase and we are confident that the Manchester City Fan Token will prove a popular addition to our digital line-up. We’ve been extremely impressed with how have led the way in this space and we are confident that we have the right platform to succeed and grow together. - source.

It is evident that blockchain and cryptocurrency is creating some more opportunity in a world that is fast growing and soon to be overtaken y robots and machines. The ability of every sector to see where they can fit in with crypto is awesome.

The future is already here but not everyone would accept it. Definitely, many would be joining the trend much later when others must have made their wealth and stand out in the sheme of things. Always being at the fore of innovation adoption comes with its good though with challenges. As the first English sports team to adopt crypto and blockchain based governance to incorporate fans in the decision making process, they stand head tall among the peers that would join the technology much later.

Here are the benefits of signing up for $CITY token

  • Be able to vote on app-exclusive polls (organized by Manchester City F.C.) throughout the season
  • Be part of a community of passionate Manchester City F.C. superfans
  • Receive exclusive discounts on official Manchester City F.C. merchandise
  • Be the first to know about Manchester City F.C.'s future plans
  • Become a Manchester City F.C. influencer


My heart goes out to the developing countries that are already having funding issues. They will never adopt this techno,ogy as this very beginning for reasons that may span technology, finance and others. However, we on Hive should look out for ways to replicate a linage system like to allow SPORTS token top be utilized ion local sports teams to manage and reward their fans. This is a case for developers that can partner with the @SPortstalksocial community to seeing hoe such integrations can be made. It makes more sense on Hive with "free" and speedy transactions. is a mobile app for rewards and fan engagement developed based on the Chiliz blockchain. Manchester City fans worldwide will be able to use $CITY Fan Tokens to access VIP rewards, Club promotions, games, AR-enabled features and voting rights on certain binding and non-binding Club surveys on source