Focusing on the Big Picture, the Numbers are nothing - My Hive Goals


In the journey to success, I have discovered that what you see matters as much as what you do. Sometimes, we are clogged in a web of repeated good activities that may be headed the wrong way. Vision is quite crucial such that no matter how tiny a step may be, as long as it is in the direction of focusing on the vision, then, hitting the target it assured. I woke up yesterday to see Hive hit the $1.05 value, thereby creating a new All-time Hive value.

We had all expected to see Hive go beyond $1 but we wouldn't have known when. However, we stayed and got involved in a lot of activities that would help us glued to Hive over the last 12 months and now, it's beginning to play out some decent result. I have Three big projects coming up at the end of the second Quarter of 202 and will span through to Q3. They need huge funding and at some point I was worried how it could be. WIth yesterday's price action, I am hopeful that the projects would be funded 100% with Hive holdings and we'll leave no scar.

We've been anticipating the moon for Hive and other digital assets and no, I can say, the sight is clearer. It seems I'm seeing a better half of the moon and soon, I may land faster than all else on this blockchain. It's exciting to publish the last episode of #myhivegoals for the month of March. Incredibly some tangible progress have been made from where we started at February ending and it can only get better.

Glad to have reached the targets for SPORTS and LIST, we're pushing harder with LEO, LIST, CTP, CHARY, CCC, NEOXAG, POB and other tokens and we'll soon hit the targets as well.


I've received some awesome accolades from many in the past weeks as to how fast my Hive token holdings are growing in terms of quantity of tokens accumulated and powered up. I appreciate all that say kind words and most especially happy to see that I inspire many with sharing my wealth progress in this Hive journey. However, there is a future that's more beautiful than the numbers we see me publish each week. It goes beyond the millions of SPORTS tokens held to how much value the SPORTS held would be able to give back to the society.

On Saturday, I invited a young undergraduate student to my office and briefed her at how she can work=-study with Hive so she can relieve her parents of the financial burden. She obliged to create time to come for ICT and blogging tutorials and in a couple of days, she'll have a new account here to lend her voice to the world freely. That's not the surprise as I do that quite often for many, the surprise is that this morning (just hours ago) her mum visited my office to say "THANK YOU" and said many prayers to me.

What?? She hasn't yet seen the results but she's this grateful at how her daughter would be earning some bucks while in school. Indeed, the news she received meant so much especially in our part of the world where Masters and Ph.D holders are in search for jobs. Today, I've been motivated to scale my Creativity Hub to the next level. I am building these tokens so as to be able to help spread the wealth to as many as possible. I wish it could be possible to raise 20 millionaires in the next 12 months single-handedly.


Above is a shot of my office today filled up to capacity. I have just 7 slots yet and it's been all occupied. All of them are creatives with their uniqueness and are doing well on Hive and other blockchain and crypto-powered socialmedia. Beyond a virtual community, I believe in a cultural and physical community where we can meet one-on-one and educate them as well as sharing the right chemistry. This is one of the many reasons I am building my power on Hive and Hove tokens. There are many lives to be touched.

Working hard to rebrand the space and make it more welcoming and self-marketing for all visitors. Definitely, all the communities I support would have a representation.