HIVE PRICE Alert - Moving UP :)

Aloha All,
Just a quick note to point out that Hive has just jumped in value by over 30% - it's currently trading around $0.42+.
It's been a while since Hive has had a boost like this, but it is not uncommon after a successful hard fork - such as we have seen in recent days.
The updated USD peg mechanism for HBDs seems to be a great improvement. While it's not perfect, it is massively better than Steem's absurdly broken SBD mechanism, for example!
Hive has a great future ahead as the only reliably decentralised and uncensored social networking platform on the web. Our ongoing marketing and promotion campaign will no doubt raise the profile of the brand too.
Let's see where we can take this network! :)

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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Note: Witnesses are the computer servers that run the Hive Blockchain.

Without witnesses there is no Hive blockchain or DApps such as PeakD and 3Speak... You can really help Hive by making your witness votes count!

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