Good morning! Hive Up to $0.556

Great night for Hive. Since the last few days we saw the pressure building up. We were at .29 and rose up to 0.556. The good news is in the shorte term we are not finished. Of course, I won't be selling my Hive until we reach the moon. But for now, we can play a little.

As we can see on the chart, we still have plenty of room for growth. I do not expect Hive to reach the 0.8449 target, but signals are going up showing bullish momentum. We have a support at 0.29 and on the daily timeframe we have a really strong support at 0.170. looking at the white energy on the weekly chart we still have steam, so we should watch and see what will happen until the closing of the weekly candle.

Good Luck and good Profits!

Not Fianacial advice. DYOR.

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