Nice BRO pump today!


BRO had a very nice pump today, it even almost doubled its price for a few moments!

And imo, this should be no surprise. Bro holders get juicy daily dividends, daily upvotes on their posts, free nfts and so much other cool stuff! Not financial advice, but every Hive user should have some BRO in their portfolio.

Unfortunately, the circulation of the token is fixed and limited to 69,000 pieces and almost everyone has diamond hands so it's tough to get a significant amount without pumping the numbers by a lot.

My advice, throw a couple bucks every day on the order book and maybe visit the discord of BRO to strike an OTC deal if you want to get as many as sexy BRO you can get before it goes to the moon permanently 🙈🚀🙈

Feel free to buy at and join the discord at

Disclaimer: I own a significant amount of BRO and I don't plant to sell it anytime soon since it has turned out to be a golden goose!

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