Are you good with Twitter ? Let me be (and possibly other whales) your Leo sponsor!

Before the main topic of this post, let's first have a look at the traffic stats of as provided by simple analytics!

Overall traffic:


Now, it may look bad, but actually google traffic, imo the most important kind of traffic, is on a steady rise:


So why the drop? Well, from what I see the main reason is that khal has stopped using the Leo Twitter account for tweeting anything else other than CUB related stuff:


I suspect the reasons are two. First, the tweets are prominently featured on so he prefer to keeps it niche. And second, he is probably too busy with all the recent developments in the defi space.

So I figured to try something to both pump our bags and help someone earn some extra leos!

The job task is easy. Pump twitter referrals, in exchange for full leo and hive upvotes by me. And I have a feeling many Leo whales would be willing to cheap in as well. I promise to try my best to get as many eyes on you as I can :)

Here's the minimum work you will have to do:

  1. share on Twitter Leo articles that talk about anything EXCEPT Leo. Make sure to tag related accounts. For example, if a post is about rune, you will have to tag at least the official rune account and any big rune shillers that maybe out there
  2. share at least 4-5 articles a day.
  3. You can use your personal account or make a new one.
  4. publish a daily report with some quick stats so that we can jerk you. It doesn't have to be anything special, as long as you deliver results (aka actual traffic and clicks) you will get Leo votes. The report must include links to all the tweets you made so that other lions can easily access them and like/retweet them.
  5. If at any point, you are not happy with the rewards or me not happy with your results we just stop working together. No hard feelings :)
  6. Don't try to cheat.

Interested? Contact me on discord or twitter and tell me why I should pick you!

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