Airdrop (claimdrop) for blurt users!


Yeah, BLURT is pretty much dead at this point but there's an airdrop (or claimdrop to be more specific) going on so you may want to give it a try. The claimdrop is on the cosmos blockchain (first time I hear it) and the process is pretty straightforward.

Just follow the steps described in this post:

All in all, it took me only 5 minutes to install that keplr thingie and send my adress to claim my drop.

Please note, although that keplr thingie looks safe, my advice is to install it in a new blank user account that doesn't have admin privileges. Or even better, on a dummy device that you use exclusively for crap like that. Personally I use an old laptop that runs Xubuntu when hunting for free coins that require installing stuff, and is super fast despite its shitty specs and old age. Never hurts to stay a bit paranoid :)

Happy milking!

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