What is the Best Route to Get Fiat (USD) into the LEO / HIVE Ecosystem?

I have been following the activities of the LeoFinance community with respect to facilitating bridges across various platforms and exchanges, with WLEO, bLEO, CUB, LeoBridge, etc.

I find this approach (creating and facilitating bridges to other crypto markets) to be extremely strategic and probably the single most effective and impactful, with respect to expanding the reach of the Hive ecosystem.

As such, I want to support and invest in these activities.

I have only been aware of Hive and LeoFinance for a few months. I have been an active participant for the past 2 months. I have, to date, been operating within the ecosystem using only the crypto I’ve acquired here (via author / curation rewards) (currently about 4,000 USD equivalent). I am now ready to bring in outside funds, but I am finding it a bit confusing as to the best way to get USD from a U.S. bank account into the LEO / HIVE ecosystem.

I am looking for processual advice here (not financial, of course).

What is the most expedient way to transfer USD from a U.S. bank account into LEO, CUB, and HIVE?

By ‘expedient’ I am referring to [1] minimal number of steps (i.e. number of discrete transactions), [2] minimal cumulative fees incurred along the way, and [3] the existence of adequate liquidity to handle individual transaction volumes in the thousands (USD equivalent).

These are funds that would be used for long-term investment purposes; so ultimately getting them into liquidity pools or ‘mining’ tokens or the like would definitely be on the table.


Image Credit: blockchainsimplified.com

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