My 2 Biggest Investments On Hive

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The last week have been a busy one irl and only on Friday I was able to sit down and see what really has been happening. Apart from my HP which is a default on Hive which I am not intending to really touch unless something urgent requires me to, I will just leave it there as my last backup funds. The other two biggest investments I have on Hive is my Splinterland collection and now CUBs. Dcity was very close to it considering Hive did go up nearly x5 so my initial investment would have gone x5 but CUBs have edged forward a little since this week.

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source: Leo & Splinterland's posts

First let's check out CUBs. Farming has been slow and I have learnt a few things from a few people on discord this week as I moved some of my funds to the farms just a few hours it spiked 50% so immediately I lost some CUBs. I didn't loose much apart from fees but I did get the different back in BUSD as I was in that pool. Those who me knows I am a chicken with investments and I'm not great with numbers so this CUB spike was great but also a lesson learnt on the timing going into these pools. Luckily, I still have some Cubs in the Den and also my other farm is still working slow and steady.

The newest update from the LEO team changing up the pools have been interesting. I have decided not to really change my stake up too much to go into these higher APR pools or else I'll be stressed again knowing I may stuff up somewhere but it's ok, it is a learning process. I am pretty gutted some of the Dens will be removed but so far it hasn't affected what I have in there but it also means less options later on if I want to start using another token to farm Cubs. The next 24 hours will be crucial for those who want to add more funds into the farms and Dens as the 4% fee will be waived. This is in particular attractive if you are moving a large sum over, every penny counts. I will probably look into adding some myself if I can get it right.

source: from leofinance's post

The other big investment I have on Hive has to be Splinterlands. If you are a follower of mine, you would know that I have been playing the game since the early days and have a huge fan. I have noticed the last 1-2 weeks, the markets for the cards have been on high demand in particular some Alphas and alpha golds are selling like hotcakes. At the time of writing, the last 24 hours there were over $12K worth of buy and selling for these cards on the market. The other day I saw the Peaceful Giant gold card was selling over $10+. Unbelievable. Things are just all going in place.

I had to check how my portfolio is going and really in a space of 1 day, it has gone up over $800+. No Joke! Screenshot below to see how shocked I was. How can we not get excited that the game we have supported for so long is doing so well! I am still in a bit of shock/excitement seeing how things are going and to be honest, these two projects + my other roles on Hive really is the most exciting thing I've had in 2021 so far. Will be excited to see how CUBs and Splinterland will plan out for the next few months.

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