It's here! Hive Power Up Day for January 1st 2022

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While technically in my little corner of the world there's still a few-ish hours left in 2021 (I'm posting this at just after 9:00pm EST), #HivePUD for January 1st 2022 has already arrived in other parts of the world. And speaking of...

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If you want a super cool way to check if it's officially in your area according to UTC time (which is how the Hive Buzz badges are determined), be sure to check out the Countdown Timer on the site, courtesy of the awesomesauce team at @hivebuzz!


  • If you want to qualify for the AMAZING Hive Power Up Day badge(s), your power up must happen during the 24 hours of January 1st 2022 according to UTC time.


  • If you want to qualify for the #HivePUD prize pool, your power up and post must happen (according to criteria listed below) during the hours of January 1st 2022, your local time.


Again as I did in July, I've changed things up a bit with these monthly posts. You can find the details in this month's announcement post.

I'm also keeping this as brief and to the point as possible, since my usual wall o' text posts have been a bit much to get through for some. I'm trying to find that balance between friendly and informative versus matter-of-fact and not-as-informative. 😄 So the rest of the basic details are...


What are the rules to win prizes for HivePUD?

The requirements are:

  • Your reputation must be above 39 and below 70.
  • Your total Hive Power (before the 1st) must be more than 100 and less than 8000.
  • You must power up at least 10 Hive on January 1st.
  • You must write a post about your power up on January 1st with the tag #HivePUD (International) or #HPUD (Hispanic).

To be included in the winners list, you must meet all four requirements above. The order of the list (first place, second place, and so on) will be determined by the biggest PERCENTAGE of Hive powered up, not necessarily the most Hive powered up.


For more information, including the current list of prizes

Please check out the brief announcement post from last week, which includes info about the not-so-new-now drawing being offered as of August 2021 to people who power up & post, but don't end up qualifying for the prize pool because they didn't meet the other requirements.


Timeline Reminder

  • Power up Hive on January 1st 2022
  • Post about your power up on January 1st 2022
  • Unofficial winners list will be posted January 3rd or 4th (allowing time to correct for errors/omissions)
  • Official winners list will be posted on January 5th, after which sponsors will disperse prizes


Happy Hive Power Up Day & Happy New Year, all!

Thanks to everyone for all you do to make our new blockchain space a home! Special shout out to @abh12345 for always graciously agreeing to help by sending me the raw data when the time comes - Asher, you're a ROCKSTAR! Here's to another awesomesauce Hive Power Up Day!


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